Home Delivery

Pizza, pastas, sandwiches and Nec’s specialities

For tasty lunches and inspired choices. And for those who don’t want to leave the house or who are still at work. Call, order and Nec’s is on your way, anywhere in the city, and the delivery is free! Good to know: we can also prepare orders for those who want to pick them up straight from the restaurant.

Schedule 12:00 - 20:00
Free delivery

Pizza home delivery in Brașov? Why not, along with a varied and tasty pizza menu, pasta, antipasta and sandwiches, salads with or without meat, and other specialities. Add a menu of bistro dishes to the list, along with a selection of desserts, and pamper all your senses. All the pizzas are prepared using local ingredients, brought from the Sergiana farms. Pizza Party, the star of the menu, is ideal for 4 people and, most importantly, wins people’s hearts.