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Sergiana Story

Our grannies’ recipes from Țara Bârsei and Țara Făgărașului, brought back to life with fresh ingredients and efficient preparation techniques. Award-winning products, made with meat from our own farms. The taste of Ardeal, fresh and authentic, that travels from the heart of the country all the way to over 20 counties: from Dolj to Iași, from Gorj to Tulcea. Traditions travel, tastes mix.

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... and now

Bunataturi din Ardeal

Sergiana Poiana Mărului's products have been known as Bunataturi din Ardeal since 2006, and the evolving relationship between the brand and consumers upholds this status.

The portfolio is structured into 10 product ranges and includes over 170 dishes. Among these, 6 are registered trademarks in the national catalog, most of which are raw-dried products. Sergiana has developed this category by marking it with distinctive regional accents regarding the use of spices and the alternation of smoking, airing, and drying methods.

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Sergiana Shops

Stone. Brick. Wood. All these elements are part of the atmosphere of our shops. With local products, at an internationally recognized quality.

Meat products flavored with a mix of natural spices. Fresh pork meat in our windows. Tasty Black Angus Beef. Specialities from Poiana Marului.

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Choose one of Sergiana’s restaurants, with dishes from meat from our own farm. We will serve you Transylvanian goodies, but also stars of international cuisine. Delicious and honest - just the way you like it!

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Discover the latest news and offers from Sergiana. Always stay up to date with our attractive campaigns and enjoy Bunataturi din Ardeal every day!