Traditional Flavors From Ardeal

Traditional Flavors From Ardeal

Prepared with talent and love

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Sergiana's Story

Our grannies’ recipes from Țara Bârsei and Țara Făgărașului, brought back to life with fresh ingredients and efficient preparation techniques. Award-winning products, made with meat from our own farms. The taste of Ardeal, fresh and authentic, that travels from the heart of the country all the way to its corners: from Teleorman to Neamț, from Gorj to Tulcea. Traditions travel, tastes mix.

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povestea sergiana

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Mama Leti’s Goodies

Steak meat and spicy sausages. Mouth-watering pork greaves and head cheese. Liver sausages. With ingredients from Poiana Mărului and seasoned both the way Letitia used to when she was a young wife, and the way she does now, as a great-grandmother. This is why we love her and we call her Mama Leti - she has a word of wisdom for everyone, and the moment you step through her door, she sits you down at her table. If you want to feel pampered, just look for the products in our grocery stores - they come from Sergiana and have won international medals!