Calul Bălan – the Taste of Romanian Magical Holidays!

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All you must do is to come inside once and sit at the table. Once!

You’ll feel as if you met an old and dear friend, and you are enjoying your time together. So, you’ll know that you just found the place that you were looking for.  You’ll be glad you discovered Calul Bălan and everything that this place gives you: Joy, Romanian tasteful dishes... Rich Holidays!

The Magic begins once you are in! You’ll find yourself between past and present, the place has its own personality that capitalizes on the tradition reinterpreted with a perfect taste bust. Everything is warm, friendly, like a host who tells you through every gesture that you are welcome.

Then, if we say that Sergiana is the host, you’ll know that the menu is in fact THE LIST, that LIST that tells you in any season and wherever you meet it, stories of good and incredibly tasteful food. The unmistakable Transylvanian accents are here intertwined with tempting Dobrogean flavors, among which the Danube and Black Sea fisheries are on the top.

Just like in fairytales, every year, the stars give a sign on a certain DAY when Calul Balan opens. The DAY always comes before Midsummer’s Day, and from that day on, the holidays at sea turn into unforgettable memories.

All you need is to get to Neptune, on Trandafirilor Street and sit at the table!



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We look forward to see You in the summer!

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