Casa Tudor Restaurant

Romanian and International Cuisine

Opened in the summer of 2003, Casa Tudor restaurant in Brașov is a modern, but intimate place, decorated with traditional motifs. With original household tools, a lively garden during the summer and a friendly atmosphere throughout the year.

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Crayons and coloring paper for kids

Payment by card

Smoking area

Pork greaves with red onions and fresh bread, on the house! The cooks are prepared to pamper your taste buds. The menu features a large variety of fresh products obtained from Sergiana’s own farms, as well as number of international dishes.

Especially for those with world-class appetites, the Cook Book is open for lunch and dinner with generous snacks, tasty salads, delicious soups and fragrances, all kinds of Angus dishes and spectacular barbecues! The menu also includes fish dishes, from bold Mediterranean recipes with octopus and shrimp to local dishes with anchovies and carp brine.

Regardless of your choice, you will discover that

All’s Fine and Tasty!

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Dear sir, we serve delicious meals all day long. But if you tell us when you’re coming, we’ll be even better prepared for your visit!

0728 830 340

Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 23:30

On the Doorstep

The Doorstep is for sunny days! But it can also be a silent refuge from the hustle and bustle of the street or from the unpredictable mountain weather.


Photo gallery

Photo gallery

The Large House

By far, the most spacious space in the house. With warm light, tall wooden chairs and comfortable couches, it offers you the chance to relax and forget all about your worries. Just lie down on the sofa in the Large House!

In the Attic

The Attic is the most comfortable spot! It brings peace and quiet to festive meals.


Photo gallery

Photo gallery

The Tower

An intimate place, that won’t disappoint. For couple conversations, where people share everything: soups, precious memories, even a serving of our incredible version of the classic hocks and cabbage. The Tower is a secret place!

The Garden

A unique carpenter’s counter and a few objects from a local household, wooden chairs and, of course, nature. This is the heart of the house! Open from spring to fall, the garden invites all guests to share quaint stories and enjoy the fresh air.


Photo gallery

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