Ceasu’ Rău Restaurant

Romanian Cuisine

If a National Barbecue Championship were ever held, then the finals would always take place at Ceasu’ Rău. This is what our regulars like to say about our restaurant, which is famous all around the town for its “mititei”, its beer and its traditional Romanian atmosphere.

Free WiFi

Ventilation System

Crayons and coloring paper for kids

Payment by card

Smoking area

A kitchen that works around the click and a recipe book just like grandma used to keep. Welcoming salons and a seasonless garden. Any visit at Ceasu’ Rău starts with fresh bread and the restaurant’s renowned menu - no hour of the week must be wasted on an empty plate, just like wooden platters and red towels must always accompany your lunch.

Hot Romanian soup, finger-licking good chicken paprikas with dumplings, bean stew with smoked pork hocks, delicious mutton pastrami with polenta, the famous sausages from Poiana Mărului, hot-smoked grilled pork ribs - everything tastes even better than it sounds. Pamper your taste buds with all this Romanian food, that tastes home made and comes in large servings.

Rich, welcoming platters that tempt and spoil you

Just Like Mom Used to Make!

Make a reservation

Dear sir, we serve delicious meals all day long. But if you tell us when you’re coming, we’ll be even better prepared for your visit!

0723 297 993

Monday - Sunday: 11:00 - 23:30

The Beer Line

A picturesque outdoor atmosphere, braided onions hung out to dry and cold beer from our tireless bar. The only rule? Whoever starts the line, must finish it.


Photo gallery

Photo gallery

The Wide Valley

Spacious and untouched by the weather, but perfect for an outdoor chat - with a special ingredient: a cable LED TV, so that you can keep up with the news.

Beyond the Wall

When the sun becomes too heavy in the afternoon, this is your place to rest. Everything is Romanian: the cheerfulness, the beige and red tones, the “zacusca”, the view over the garden.


Photo gallery

Photo gallery

The Room

Both in the summer and in the winter, The Room is a oasis of quiet with inside seats. Relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a quiet word. Enjoy!

The Courtyard

Smouldering barbecues from day to knight. An old willow tree, cobbled lanes, lanterns, flowers. Thick shadow and food just like mom used to make. Only the pickle jars and the mugs of wort let you know, once a year, that time has gone by and that autumn has paid us a visit... once again. Open throughout the year, the courtyard is covered and equipped with air heaters for the colder days.


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