Currently, Sergiana Group encompasses a farm and a livestock complex in the vicinity of Brasov, a network of over 50 stores with its own distribution system, but also some of the best restaurants in Brasov, and an event center - Sergiana Center. Everything built on a desire to offer customers quality food and Romanian products - perfectly controlled, from their basic ingredients to the way they’re sold in shops.

Providing tourists - who were already attracted by the beauty of the area - with good food, with a home-made flavor, can be a good business proposition. This is how Sergiana started.

For a meat industry, foodservice and livestock entrepreneur, both the quality of the products, as well as the dream that inspired the business, are important. Tudor Neculoiu dreamed of agrotourism: he wanted to build a large agrotouristic complex in the village where he was born. An engineer who never shies away from a challenge, he started his business alongside his wife, Aurora, and his brothers - Gheorghe and Sergiu.


In 1992, he started a small bakery in Poiana Marului, with home-made bread baked by Mama Letitia, lovingly called Mama Leti within the family. In 1994, he takes one step further by opening a butchery, in the outskirts of the village. The first meat products under the Sergiana Poiana Marului brand are so good, that they start selling right off the factory gate. The factory manages to preserve the area’s inheritance, by buying the livestock from local breeders, but also works closely with a Romanian livestock complex, with a larger factory and its own farm.


In 2002, Neculoiu decides to invest in the Europig Livestock Complex, in Sercaia: he acquires animals with superior genetic qualities and modernizes the complex by adding a modern slaughterhouse, authorized according to European standards, a fodder factory and a huge grain store. At the same time, he rebuilds the factory in Poiana Marului, which encompassed, in 2008, 9,000 sqm of production and storage facilities. A remarkable investment, as well as a unique performance: the construction site followed the production flow so that the old factory could maintain production without stopping at all stages of the project, until it was eventually transformed into space for the new delivery sector.



In 2015, the modernization process of the Casa Tudor restaurant is completed - it is a spectacular project that makes use of unique architectural solutions, as well as being one of the 5 traditional restaurants in Brasov. The unmistakable taste of the products brought directly from our own farms is present here as well. One of the most important Sergiana trademarks is its network of grocery stores with its own distribution line. Tens of vans leave each night from Poiana Marului in order to reach the stores all around the country by morning, delivering fresh merchandise.


I live the Sergiana life. It is my life.

From my passion from folk dancing, to an comprehensive project featuring traditional Romanian products, Sergiana is just like Transylvanian cuisine: unmissable from a holiday in Brașov! We’re always here for you, with stories of the olden days and today’s fresh new flavors.

The Sergiana Tradition

A Dialogue With Modern Life

Local ingredients and modern techniques. Customs inherited from the old livestock breeders from the Transylvanian hills and products that reach nearly every corner of the country. Romanian taste and international recognition.

At our own Sercaia farm, we raise animals in the most modern conditions, on unaltered pastures. We feed them with grains that we buy and cultivate, as well as our own fodder! The well-being of our animals is part of the Sergiana mission. So is maintaining the Tara Barsei and the Tara Fagarasului values, places that have taught us that in order to raise good animals, you must take good care of them, be skilled and work hard. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining the customs of the traditional butchery trade, in order to offer products of premium quality. We are also dedicated to preserving the traditional recipes.

The Sergiana taste was born within the communities where we were also born, and that we want to raise. More important than the social impact of our business over the area, or the way Sergiana was founded, is, by far, our attitude towards good food: each piece of meat has its use and, most importantly, must be properly cooked



We cherish traditions, offering honest, tasty products!


To always be a brand that is well known for its premium quality, trustworthy products!

The Sergiana Spirit Values