From growing grains and feed production, to the animal raising, slaughtering, meat processing, retail networks and distribution, restaurants, and event organization, our main activity and the core of development is focused on meat production and meat products.


Grain cultivation on a premium level

Latest technologies, our own crops and an impressive grain storage. Along with a team with experience in grains.

Because the food we offer to our animals is just as important as the quality of the Sergiana products!


In the natural setting of Şercaia, near Brasov, we own a grain silo station, where we store the farm animal feed.

The volume of grain storage facilities, built according to modern constructive and functional criteria, is 26 thousand tons.


Sergiana Prodimpex

Well prepared from meat

At Poiana Mărului, we produce over 170 meat products, following recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Prepared from meat

In original recipes from Tara Barsei

Production halls with technological flows in food safety conditions, modern equipment and spaces for processor-controlled climate-controlled storage, automated packaging lines – that's it in a nutshell our factory facilities.

From raw-dried dishes under the Sergiana brand, to salami and smoked sausages with natural smoke and even pork and beef specialties - all are prepared with respect the environment, as the master butchers from Țara Bârsei and Țara Făgărașului taught us.


Europig livestock complex

Fodder and animales

A farm with breed animals, a combined fodder plant, an extremely modern slaughterhouse - all  at Șercaia. An ideal place to feed and raise livestock in a traditional way!

Pig breeds

With Productive and Reproductive Performances

The farm is endowed with a distinct genetic hybridization sector, in which we select breeders with genetic performances and breed them responsibly. This allows us to be very aware of which source of breeders is most adaptable to the conditions in Romania.


Breeding, Gestation, and Maternity Sector - CAPACITY: 3,500 sows, 10,240 piglets

Young Pig Growing Sector - CAPACITY: 15,700 heads

Fattening Sector - CAPACITY: 30,051 heads