On the ground floor of the Coresi mall, in the most tempting shopping area in Brașov, Sergiana Restaurant is a relaxed space, with a refined cuisine, prepared after recipes from Țara Bârsei and Țara Făgărașului.

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Crayons and coloring paper for kids

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Refined service and waitresses dressed in folk costumes. Pork greaves with onion and fresh bread, on the house. A rich menu and happy people. The charm of the Sergiana kitchen is unmistakable, as it lies in its traditional recipes and in the products that we deliver from our local farms on a daily basis. This is why our dishes are incredibly tasty and preserve the olden tastes, in three languages - German, Hungarian and Romanian.

Paired with a glass of good wine, so special, that it will make you want to fully explore the flavours of our quality wines. You can find those in our special drinks and gift shop, Wine & Gift Boutique, right next door to the restaurant. Offer yourself a treat, if you feel like it, or just take a break, if you’ve just finished a shopping session!

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Dear sir, we serve delicious meals all day long. But if you tell us when you’re coming, we’ll be even better prepared for your visit!

0737 267 374

Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00

The Large Courtyard

Pleasant atmosphere and rustic motifs. Symbolic details and a fabulous menu, that turn any family lunch into an exquisite experience.


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Photo gallery

The Hearth

Plates, bowls, jugs and a replica of a traditional Romanian hearth. A cheerful mood, the taste of home made food - what else could you wish for.

The Small Courtyard

Any table you choose will welcome you with the shopping mall’s cool air and a team of lively people, ready to serve you.


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Photo gallery

The White House

On a comfortable couch, or at a table with wooden chairs? In the middle of the restaurant, or next to the brick wall? With so many possible choices, any lunch break at Sergiana will always feel too short!

The Garden

In the summer, when it’s the middle of the day, our garden is the cool place to be. And our guests swear that from the tables in the garden you can sometimes see the mountains in the distance.


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