Touristic Sheepfold Restaurant

Traditional Kitchen

There is no better place to set a sheepfold than a meadow. And if the meadow is in Poiana Braşov, than the sheepfold cannot be but the touristic sheepfold, a place of feasts and pleasant halts, where Sergiana invites you in for a meal. Whenever you please!



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The welcoming hosts know how to honor their guests. They tempt you with Transylvanian
specialties, the ones you already know from our cellar restaurant in the old town of Braşov.
Some other dishes you can find only here, cooked exclusively for the sheepfold’s guests. And then you will find local foods from many different regions, collected by shepherds from the Carpathians to the Balkans and farther away. So we invite you for a meal at the sheepfold in Poiana Braşov, for the tables are set.

Traditional Kitchen

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Dear sir, we serve delicious meals all day long. But if you tell us when you’re coming, we’ll be even better prepared for your visit!

0726 366 147

Monday - Sunday: 12:00 - 23:30

On The Porch

On the Porch is a place which you have read about in novels along the years, and you are now getting the chance to truly experience it. Romanian authenticity that is incredibly photogenic!

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la vanato

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At The Hunters

At The Hunters you dine with incredible trophies which depict the wild nature of the country.

Big House

Big house is the place where everybody feels welcomed and in the mood to chat over a glass of wine or an authentic Romanian borsch!

casa ma

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In Front

At the Front you bathe in sunlight and can hardly wait to try the best meal yet, while admiring an amazing natural view.

In the Back

In the Back of the restaurant is where you come to hide from the fuss and enjoy some peaceful, intimate moments in a romantic atmosphere.

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la hoge

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At the Chimney

At the Chimney offers the best dining experience with a view of the restaurant which is buzzing with delight around savory dishes. 

Shepherd`s house

Shepherd`s house reveals to you a piece of nature that fills you with optimism and respect for life and work.

intrare restaura

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The Garden

In The Garden you immerse yourself in a deep state of relaxation and contemplation of nature.

The Horseshoe

The Horseshoe is the place where you really feel lucky. Fresh air, green grass, warm, natural light and seats in the sunshine where you can sit with your friends and family. All you need for a wonderful mood!


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The Entrance does not really prepare you for the magnificent beauty which you are about to experience as soon as you've passed over its threshold!

Some of our plates

Our traditional plates from Stana Turistica cannot be compared to any other dishes of the world. Taste cultural authenticity!


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