Dear ones, you should know that Sub Cetate is a place from Calea Sergianei, so you can choose whatever you like: dishes cooked in Kettle, or in the oven, or grills on the Grill, or in the Pan. All these are Goodies!

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Dear ones, now we receive you and feast you in Râşnov! And you have to know that Sub Cetate – this is the name we gave to the restaurant - is a place from Calea Sergianei, so here too you will find Goodies. The stove is jolly, the oven roars, sniffs and proudly burns, and the kettle is all hustle and bustle and wants to get out of the pits to get first to your table. But be calm, it does not work like this, in any way, ... because in the kitchen the big boss is guarding, and the sons and the ladies listen to him. Well, now I can only say:

  • If you go on Calea Sergianei, after you leave Braşov, you go and stop only in Râşnov, at Sub Cetate. Do not worry, you will not feel sorry, honestly...
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