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By using, namely visiting or making use of the services of this website, you expressly agree to accept the terms and conditions below. To use the website in optimal conditions, we recommend that you read them carefully. In this regard, we want to let you know that by browsing our website, we can record information or personal data that is offered voluntarily or obtained through cookies.


Privacy of Personal Data and Information Security

We will collect your personal data, for example when:

  • you have accepted our use of cookies (link) on the communication equipment (e.g. mobile phone, personal computer / laptop) you used.

  • you have accessed the website www.sergianagrup.ro

  • you have created a “Sergiana Club” account through the website www.sergianagrup.ro;
  • you applied for a job with Sergiana Grup, by sending your CV

  • you have made a reservation in one of our restaurants

  • you have subscribed to the newsletter

  • you contacted us through the contact form on the website

The grounds for the personal data processing can be:

  • the consent;

  • the legitimate interest of the Company or a third party;

  • performing a contract

Personal data processed for this purpose may be:

  • the IP address

  • the log-in information

  • name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, city of residence, sex, date of birth

  • other information such as the type of Internet browser used, the type of operating system used by your computer, the domain name of the website from which the connection to our website is made.

When you visit the website www.sergianagrup.ro we may store information on your computer. This information will be in the form of a "cookie" or a similar file that can be used to tailor a website so as to suit your preferences and interests. For more details, see the cookies policy.

Categories of recipients of personal data may include companies used in third party relationship management, website development / maintenance, contractual partners and their contractors, external consultants in the legal, accounting, tax, technical areas, authorities and public institutions, other companies within Sergiana Grup.

No transfer to countries outside the European Union is foreseen.

Your personal data may be stored for specified periods according to the following criteria:

  • the duration prescribed by specific legislation;

  • maximum lengths in which issues of legal liability might be attracted to us;

  • the length of time required from the practical viewpoint at the expiry of legal periods or statute of limitations for anonymization or effective disposal, given the difficulties of identifying the moment of data collection.

We are pursuing a minimalist approach to the processing, including by storage, of personal data, aiming at the timely assessment of the practical possibilities and the risks of deletion, anonymisation or similar measures regarding the personal data processed.

In relation to the above purposes, the provision of personal data is not legally or contractually binding. The consequence of non-disclosure of personal data may be the impossibility of benefiting from the facilities of this website.

The rights you have as a data subject are: the right of access, the right to rectify personal data, the right to erase the data, the right to restrict the processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, the right to withdraw your consent.

In connection with any of the rights or in case of a request to exercise any of them, the data subject may contact the Data Protection Officer directly by e-mail at dpo@sergiana.ro or by post / courier at Braşov 15 Mihail Kogălniceanu St., Jud. Braşov, 500090.

We will try to respond to the request within 30 days and we may extend this deadline for specific reasons, related to the complexity of the request. In all cases, if this period is extended, the data subject will be informed of the extension and the reasons that led to it.

We will investigate and attempt to resolve any claim or complaint regarding the use or disclosure of personal data, but in the event of dissatisfaction with the response received, the data subject may lodge a complaint with the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing, B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru 28-30, Sector 1, postcode 010336, Bucharest, Romania. 031.8059.211 /031.8059.212, anspdcp@dataprotection.ro.

More detailson Sergiana Grup’s Personal Data Processing Policy can be found here.



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Browsing our website does not allow the reproduction, distribution or publication in any form of the content of the materials shown on this website by anyone without our prior written consent. Any attempt to exploit the website for commercial purposes or against the interests of Sergiana Grup is strictly forbidden.


Promotions and special offers. Reservations

Our team sets its own rules for the promotions and special offers it provides. Active promotions are brought to the attention of customers through the website or by email. Promotions will only benefit those participants who adhere strictly to the rules displayed, and we reserve the right to interrupt or cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice.

Reservation data must be carefully filled out. We can cancel without warning any reservations for which it is ascertained that wrong data has been entered. We may also cancel any reservation made by a user who cannot be contacted by telephone in connection with the reservation, but not if that user has made other reservations in our restaurants and they have been completed or if the reserved services have been paid in advance or guaranteed by credit card.


By using the website, the user agrees that the Romanian laws will govern the “Terms and Conditions” above and any dispute of any kind that may arise between the user and Sergiana Prodimpex SRL and / or Altius SRL. In the event of any conflict, the amicable settlement will first be attempted. If this is not possible, the dispute will be settled by the competent courts, in accordance with the Romanian laws in force.

Final provisions

With the use of the www.sergianagrup.ro website, the customer accepts without objection the terms and conditions of use, the value of which is the same as a validly executed contract. We assume the right to make any changes to these provisions, as well as any changes to the www.sergianagrup.ro website, its structure or any other changes that may affect the website without the need for prior notice to users in this regard.

The companies Sergiana Prodimpex SRL and / or Altius SRL will not be held accountable for any errors that may occur on the website for any reason, including due to any changes, settings, etc. and they are not liable for the content, quality or nature of other websites reached through links on our website, regardless of the nature of these links. For those websites, their owners bear the entire responsibility.


In force as of May 25, 2018